About me

Who I am

In August 2015, I stopped wearing a suit and being a property developer. For real. I was truly unhappy, because I cannot just do something that I like: I need to do something that I love.


I started to do more music. I say 'more', but I'm quite inexperienced. Five years ago I started practicing 'Hard Sun' by Eddie Vedder from the 'Into the Wild' soundtrack on my guitar. This really inspired me to start playing music. I hadn't even played the flute or the triangle during my childhood.





Where do I go

So I started to do street music and one thing led to the next. But most importantly, it led me back to myself. I noticed that I can reach people's hearts when I play for them and that that's what I want to give. This truly fulfills me.


I will continue this way with working on a new album next year and hopefully finding more places and concerts to play music.


I'm so happy I took this turn : )