Black and White Wolf




The old man told an even older tale,


of who will win, seize  prevail.


Young eyes grew bigger, wanting to see.


Two wolves fighting as he listened carefully.




In every man’s chest an endless fight.


Who’ll win, the black or the white.


In a moment of choice a man becomes free


The old man chose his words carefully.




My for father’s spoke, today I do


Who’ll win, holds within you.


The white grows bigger through love and empathy.


The black on greed, envy, anger and jealousy.




My dear grandson, these wolfs come allied.


Both can win, when kept side by side.


If you care for them, they’ll serve you peace.


And that is all, spoke the old Cherokee. 





Hauling wolves at night,


Hauling side by side.


Hauling wolves at night.


Feed the black and the white.