I Choose to Feel Happy (They Said it All)

Music high, foreign streets, many steps, small island feet.
How I love those two.
They brought her soul. Bright eyes smiled to me and they said it all.

Lights looked low, as she walked by, no small talk, brightened sky.
How I love those lips.
Moved by her soul. This I never had before. They said it all. They said it all

Love so high, but on the road, no arms at night, she needs some.
How I loved to come back,
But it takes her  too long. Bright eyes closed. Her pain needs to numb. Let’s get it on.

Far away, days crawled by, no small talk, even hope can die.
I can’t blame those lips,
Can’t blame her soul.... No words at all.

They said it all.

I choose to feel happy I read.
And if you feel this way, you should do the same instead.
I love your blue soul. But I choose to feel  happy, she wrote on the wall.
The wall around her soul. 
They said it all. They said it all.