Live Music

Do you need live music with a deep voice and a lot of heart? If so, I could be the right person for you.


Wether it's your wedding, your birthday, a home concert or another special occasion, if you need music that reaches your heart, don't hesitate to contact me so we can talk about what you would like to hear.


Booking Prices


Your wedding is a once in a Lifetime moment, for that I want to give you my musical all. A good preperation for that is essential. To talk through your wishes and my abilities I'd be happy to meet up. We can really sit down and talk or we can call or Skype. I want to get to know you so I can make all fit together. After that we can stay in touch about the planning and the songs. I can for example send you a recording in advance of that one special song you want at the ceremony so you know what it's gonna be like. 


Starting & Preperation costs €200

Ceremony or first hour €125

2nd hour €125

3rd hour €125

4th hour €125

Studying an extra song that takes a lot of time €125



1 hour €300 

2 hours €400

3 hours €500

4 hours €600


Business booking 

1 hour €300

2 hours €400

3 hours €500

4 hours €600



Garden & Livingroom concert 

You can invite your friends and at the end of the concert they can throw something in my hat. 

I ask for a guarenteed amount of €350. Whatever is failing, the initiator can throw in. If it's more, it is for the musician ; )


*All prices are including taxes and traveling costs up too 100 km. For business bookings an extra 7% taxes is asked for. 

*When you book me I ask for a partial payment in advance. After the payment has been done, the date is fixed. Cancelation is possible at any time. The part of refund is related to the days left before the actual booking would take place. 

Online business meeting concert

Do you want to energise your online meetings? Let me do it with a daily wisdom  and songs that go deeper or lighten up your mood. Feel free to book me for an online business meeting concert. 

  • Time 15 to 30 minutes
  • Price of one session €150
  • Bundle price of 5 sessions €500