The red looks orange, the dark green grey.

Although discoloured, they give it all away,

I’d opened up the album of my first year,

How images can change suddenly after thirty two years.


Another human being with another soul.

But so familiar to the vague picture below.

I see my brother and mother laying next to me

And as I see his son now all is clear to me.


Too young to speak but already a teacher to me.

Nothing in return, no boundaries

Into whatever you may grow. Wherever you may go

Suddenly I see, it’s unconditionally.


Grandmother and father may have lost their minds,

But crazy or not it makes me realize

How they must have felt in 1983

on the 23rd of April, unconditionally


Only love is unconditonally


Too young to understand but awaiting a little sister.

And the day she’ll arrive your love will be with her

And like my brother you will too

Put your arms around her like he used to do