2nd Album - Sixty Tours Around the Sun

MP3 Download - Sixty Tours Around the Sun

6 songs, 27 minutes MP3 download link by email

€ 10,00

MP3 Album 1 + MP3 Album 2

€ 18,00

I'm happy to present you my second EP 'Sixty Tours Around the Sun'. It has got six songs in three  different languages: Dutch, English and German.   


This time I recorded all on my own and with my own equipment. I experimented with voice as a choir, with vocal backing and going higher.  Ofcourse I had help from lovely people who played there violin, cello and base guitar from their hearts. I thank them again! Their names are on the cover. 


You can buy the MP3 Album here.  After your payment the download link will be sent to you by email Distribution of or copying my music is not allowed and a crime.